'Behind the Marble'

(2022 - W.E.R.F records)

"Limbs" (2019 - Smeraldina-Rima)

"A different, green world, as Brian Eno once imagined. Mós Ensemble lives up to their name, pollinating every ear as one, growing, rampantly moving organism. Music as the matrix for spring dreams, for an arcadian adventure.

A pristine archipelago in a sea of jazz, folk, and psychedelica. No land of milk and honey, but of wriggling, withering chords and rhythms, of serene, softly sprinkling torrents of sound.

A place where a trio of angels , sirens cast ashore, scatter seeds with their lungs. Reed and brass provide either breeze or blizzard. Double bass and guitar are the tides, drums foster night or day time. And the songs are the birds, the bees, the fruit, the rain or sun. In the land of Mós grey is not an option, the soil is always rich and fertile. A world of hummus and wonder. Like a Richard Attenborough documentary, but loose and improvised."

(c) Jonas Boel

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Knack Focus

"Mystical & slightly enchanting. Abstract but humane" (****)

Le Soir

"..This first album is a big succes..." "A surpising & endearing album" (***)


"mòs ensemble is an asset to the Belgian jazz-scene..." "..the beauty of this debut is exceptional" 


"Limbs is a multi-coloured, expressive album, that has a loud beating hearth. Qualities that avoids the record to go unnoticed.."

"The most fascinating music does not only offer something recognisable, but also opens new doors. That is exactly what happens here. Behind the Marble is a courageous next step, a generous immersion and an open invitation. So, jump!" 

(c) Lara Gasparatto + Cecilia Valagussa
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This ensemble, founded by the Belgian bassplayer Kobe Boon, creates a very personal atmosphere, timbre & energy, a mòs sound.

Their debute Limbs was released in winter 2019. It brings a mix of Eastern European choir, groovy krautpop & saxophone madness à la Rashaan Roland Kirk. A record unlimited by genre which now takes you to somekind of weird utopia, spiced with exotic herbs, then to a choatic hurricane. A varied record which is both celebral as organic.

While Limbs could be considered a first letter of intent by Kobe Boon and his crew, this new album dives headfirst in a world of endless possibilities. Behind the Marble (W.E.R.F. Records, Februari 2022) maintains the wealth of its predecessor, but digs deeper, dances more frivolously and explores the edges more eagerly. With the appearance of 8th band member Roos Denayer (vocals, guitar), the band’s potential and reach are broadened considerably. This new richness sizzles, confuses, impresses and excites.


Vocals, text and music maintain a loose connection, constantly involved in an entwined exploration. Folk, jazz, pop and chamber music are decorated with electronic touches, put layer upon layer and let them rub against each other. The first moment you are sucked into a mysterious, pastoral trip, and the next you are caught between euphoria and melancholia, with guitars, voices and reeds fighting for dominance.

Behind the Marble is an ode to imagination and the power of phantasy, but also: a feast of grasped opportunities. mòs ensemble plays music that dares to be voluptuous, takes risks, aims for finales that will explode on stages, and subsequently uncover sidetracks. Genres don’t matter anymore. This music is colorful and expressive, spurred on by a beating heart, at the same time triggered from a central organism that combines emotions, colors, textures and lust poetry like a clenched fist.